William writes...

“Ulysses’ Diaries” tells the story of Ulysses, a young African American woman who inherits the diaries
of late mother and great-great grandmother.  The story is told with soft and gentle measure; there is no raucous
comedy or action, no violence, just the gentle musings of two important people from her past.
I have known the author, Marlene Griggs, for over three decades, and therefore wasn’t surprised at
the detailed descriptions of sights and sounds and feelings, as well as the gentle narrative.  It’s a book that
begs you to ponder what personal family history you have inherited from your own ancestors
Unlike Ulysses, not all of us have famous people or events in our past.  However, history happens all
around us every day, and even to witness it still makes us a part of it.  As to your book, Marlene, I say

Darlene writes...

I just read the book, “Ulysses’ Diaries “ by  new author Marlene Griggs.  As a home educator I would say to all homeschooling families, this one is a must!  There are few activities that a family can do together today, let alone reading.  But “Ulysses’ Diaries” is a book for the family that opens many avenues. 

In the story, three generations of black women discover their dignity, integrity, and self-confidence as they share their life journeys and the choices they had to make through diaries that have been passed on by them.  This book, which tells a fictional story in a historical setting, is an excellent reading for Black History, and places it in context of an even broader historical perspective.

For the class room teachers, this novella is a great opportunity to discuss issues, and has the
potential to open student communication, and encourage conversations that will answer some of their questions about life.  In the back of the book, the author has some activities that will help support them, and they would be at home in a family setting, or a more formalized one. 

As teachers, we’re creative. So read it and let this book open the imagination for you, your family, and your class rooms.

Remember  the book “Ulysses’ Diaries”, by Marlene Griggs.  It is filled with the grand adventure of life, and it is hard to put down.

I really enjoyed reading "Ulysses' Diaries". The book was easy to read and well organized. At the beginning of the book it was mentioned that the book was a fictitious book. I thought your description of  people, events and scenery was beautifully done. It was easy to imagine that as a reader you were part of the event and part of the environment. It showed strengths and qualities that all people can share. To me it showed the importance of family and faith. What made events even easier to follow was the way dates were added to each of the chapters. The book was wonderfully done and I'm looking forward to reading your next one!

Good luck and best regards


This short "Thank You!" letter is more than a "thank you." Your first book has overwhelmed me! Your characters, especially Hannah, brought tears to my eyes and  much hope and love into my heart. 
You are a true talent and you must continue to write. I absolutely love what you have done  in Ulysses' Diaries.

Congratulations!  God has blessed you with "Ulysses'  Diaries. And you have blessed me.

Michael a student of home education writes...

The Ulysses Diaries is a breath of fresh air! A story with much conviction, and a good read for both children and adults!
It's not a long book making it an easy read, and its essay questions at the end make it for fantastic discussion between students and teachers.
A very rewarding read! Highly recommended!
Jane writes...

Your book was wonderful I couldn't put it down. I loved it!